wholesale goods from China to Russia for profitable and risk-free.

wholesale goods from China to Russia for profitable and risk-free.

Looking for something specific that is not in the catalog? We will find a good manufacturer for you and negotiate favorable terms. We will also check your shipment before shipment, customs clearance, and make sure that you are satisfied as never before.

We do not expect to be able to win your trust right away. Hear what our customers have to say.

Business with China is a profitable investment. But the biggest risk is starting a partnership with a dishonest company in China.

In practice, entrepreneurs are faced with a large number of pitfalls: when ordering goods from China in bulk, the buyer has every chance to get in APARTMENT FOR RENTING IN KICUKIRO NEAR SIMBA SUPERMARKET-manual.pdf his warehouse for defective goods, re-grading, poor quality, non-compliance with the declared characteristics and, as a result, non-fulfillment of the order on the previously agreed conditions.

Therefore, the first and most important step in establishing business relationships with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers is finding a reliable intermediary company with extensive experience and a proven positive reputation.

Easy China Business offers not just wholesale deliveries from China to Russia, but a full range of services for business: from sourcing of goods, redemption and logistics, to full support of transactions in China.

Entrepreneurs who already have experience in ordering goods in bulk from China are aware that it is necessary to control all stages of the transaction – from the selection of products, ending with its verification, packaging and delivery to Russia.

But the most difficult of all the stages is the establishment of cooperation and the search for reliable partners in China.

It is not easy to work with suppliers and manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom, because due to the mentality, the Chinese themselves are inattentive to details and the concept of the importance of an indispensable characteristic for a product or the required quality of material for them is conditional and insignificant. Therefore, many do not risk working with China just for fear of falling for an unscrupulous supplier in China.

For the same reason, our company guarantees, first of all, the safety and reliability of your transactions.

How does Easy China Business achieve this?

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